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With years of experience in the construction industry, we constantly found ourselves frustrated trying to search through cumbersome binders and PDF documents that made finding the information you need extremely frustrating. We searched for a better way to access the Building Codes but could not find one, so we decided to make a better way.

Now there's an App for that!

CODE SAVVi is a Web App for the Ontario Building Code and is accessible on any Smartphone, Tablet or Computer at

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Trusted By Industry Professionals

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SAVVi Search Technology

SAVVi Search Technology

SAVVi SEARCH is an Intuitive Search Function to help you find the Building Code you're looking for Quick & Easy. No more wasted time searching through endless pages of code books or frustrating PDF's.

Automatic Amendment Updates

Automatic Amendment Updates

Included in your subscription you will get Automatic Amendment Updates. This means CODE SAVVi is always up to date with the latest Building Code Amendments.

10X Faster

10X Faster

Code SAVVi has tested more than 10X Faster than standard building code book searches, utilizing our SAVVi Search Technology, Digital Index and Customizable Bookmarks.

Multiple  Devices

Multiple Devices

Use Code SAVVi on 3 of your devices simultaneously with an Individual Membership and up to 10 devices with a Corporate Membership. Whether you're in your office or on the jobsite, you will always have access to Code SAVVi.

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