How do I get a free trial?

Simply download the app and create an account with a user name and password to get your Free 30 Day Trial with no commitment. You can also create an account on our website and access Code SAVVi from your computer.

How many devices can I use at once?

With an Individual Membership you can access Code SAVVi on up to 3 of your devices simultaneously. 

Do I have to enter payment information for a free trial?

There is no payment information required for your Free 30 Day Trial.

Do I have to pay for amendment updates or new codes?

N0, all amendment updates and new codes added are included in your CODE SAVVI Membership

Can I download Code Savvi on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store?

Yes! Code SAVVi is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store

Code Savvi is also available on our web app for your computer at www.app.codesavvi.ca

How does SAVVi Search work?

Click on the magnifying glass icon or the search bar and enter a phrase or multiple keywords. SAVVi Search will autopopulate as you type to help you find the best results. 

Is Code SAVVi the Official Building Code?

Code SAVVi documents are taken directly from the Official Ontario Building Code with copyright of the queens printer and are not manipulated in any way.

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